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The Landscape of Cicheng Ancient County Town

As it is held by traditional Chinese architectural geographers and geomancers, “nine dragons chasing the ball”— a landscape which sets against the backdrop of mountains and gathers qi is the ideal place for people to live. And that according to Guangxu Cixi County Annuals, the landscape of ancient Cicheng perfectly suits with the traditional Chinese geomantic theories. Facing a lake, the town is surrounded by mountains from three directions, which forms the momentum of “nine mountains chasing a ball” in the geomantic omens. This auspicious environment is detailed in Feng Yuanzhong’s Restoration.

Cicheng’s town layout embodies the characteristics of ancient Chinese town’s infrastructure: preserved in great integrity, there are 9 main streets, 6 of them are horizontal and 3 vertical. Together with 33 alleyways, the town layout takes after a chessboard. The design of “one street, one river and double-chessboard” is extolled by experts as the quintessence of traditional Chinese county town.