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Zou-Ma-Lou Restaurant

Zou-Ma-Lou Restaurant is set against the backdrop of the south bank of Lake Ci, a place of tranquility and leisure.

The restaurant is located at the former residence of Ge Xinmu, a famous financier of Cicheng, as the name “Zou-Ma” being an implication of the owner’s well-off life. This magnificent architecture is in traditional Chinese style, with carved beams and painted rafters interspersed here and there. It is said that the Ge’s kindred had a reverence for gourment food. They invited chefs all over to country and the Ge’s family feast was known near and far.

Today’s Zou-Ma-Lou has woven modern elements into its ancient style. The gourmet tradition passed down from the Ge’s calls in famous local dishes which are refined with new culinary art. Famous dishes include The Sauce and Bittern Bean Cut, Thick Walnut Soup, and Pickled Rice.