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County Government

According to the County Annals during the Qing Emperor Guangxu’s reign, the County Government of Cicheng was established in the 26th year of Kaiyuan in Tang Dynasty (738 A.C.), constructed by the first County Governor Fang Guan. It was maintained until 1954, bearing a history of more than 1200 years. The original site was on Fubi Mountain. However, due to enemies’ invasion and natural calamities, the building was destroyed and restored time and again. The present-day County Government which encompasses an area of more than 40000 square meters was rebuilt on the basis of the design of Cixi County Annals dated in the Qing Emperor Guangxu’s reign.

As the county town through the past dynasties, Cicheng’s administrative center also enjoys a long history. It subsumes every aspect of political affairs in basic-level regime in ancient China. This precious historic and cultural legacy serves as a living textbook for us and our descendents.