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Bao-Shan-Tang Bar

Bao-Shan-Tang Bar is set against the backdrop of Fubi Mountain and Lake Ci. It runs close to the ruins of the ancient town wall. Surround by bamboo trees, the place is quiet and tastefully laid out.

The bar, used to be a part of the garden inside the County Government, was a place where men of letters in Cicheng enjoyed get-together to seek pleasure; thereby it gained reputation near and far. The place is also boasted as a Taoist resort where Immortal Lv Chunyang is enshrined. Famous entrepreneur Ying Changqi has a personal affection for this site so he held his wedding ceremony here.

Today’s Bao-Shan-Tang Bar has maintained much of its architectural style from the Qing Dynasty: simple and unsophisticated yet still exquisite and harmonious. There are a dozen of teas served in the bar: the white tea with faint scent, the “red gown” with dense flavor, and the refreshing “silver blossom”…