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Fang’s Stone-Carving Gate

A provincial conservation unit, the gate is located in No.6 Fang’s Alleyway in southeast Cicheng. The owner of the house is unknown. One saying is that it belonged to provincial scholar Fang Huaqin in the 5th year of Qing Emperor Jiajing’s reign. The archway-like gate is the second gate of the house. The delicate carvings on the back side are grouped in three layers: the upper layer portraits shelves and men of letters and courtiers; the second layer depicts parade of courtiers on occasion when someone is ranked in the Imperial Examination; the third layer describe nine people including a giant phoenix, a master and his servant and an old man. The carvings on the frontage is relatively simple. Judging from the inscription, the gate was built during the reign of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty (1829A.D.).