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Cicheng Rice Cakes

Cicheng is credited as “The homeland of rice cakes”. Cicheng rice cakes obtained the Certificate of Origin by General Administration of Quality Supervision in 2003 and “Cicheng water mill rice cakes” was listed among the third-batch Zhejiang Intangible Culture Heritage.

Rice cake, pronounced as “nian gao” in Chinese, implies the meaning that everything goes with one’s wishes and this year will be better than the last year. Rice cake is also a popular food, especially among people in South China. The tradition of eating rice cakes during Spring Festival can be traced back to 2000 years ago. It is said that rice cakes originated in State Wu and Yue during the Period of Warring States.

Hemudu Culture which located near Cicheng has a tradition in rice-growing for 7000 years. The high-quality polished rice and natural water resource guarantee the best product which represents the typical rice cakes in Ningbo. In recent years, Cicheng rice cakes have entered the market in Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, North America and Australia, gaining repute both in and abroad.

The hundreds-year-old Cicheng rice cakes are known for its hand-picked material and refined production. They are fine and smooth and will not become turbid or mashed when steamed or fried. In making rice cakes, people like to imprint patterns of gold ingot or mascots which symbolize big fortune and great profit. Alternatively, they make them in the shape of small animals to amuse kids.