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Ningbo Embroidery

The age-old Ningbo embroidery is a popular traditional craftwork. A lot of vernacular embroiderers emerged in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. They competed with Su (Suzhou), Xiang (Hunan) and Shu (Sichuan) embroideries with their distinctive characteristics.

Ningbo embroidery is tinted with unique local style. The pattern is brief but colors bright. Black, grey, azurite and other light colors are commonly seen. Different stitching methods are used. Golden and silver threads are usually for adornment. The patterns are derived from folk favorites: dragon and phoenix, ruyi, peony and birds, which symbolize elegance, luxury, antiquity and simpleness.

Raw materials mostly come from silk, satin and fabric. Colored patterns are ringed with golden or silver threads. Sometimes, golden and silver threads are used as backdrop. Of the various kinds of embroideries, the golden-silver colored embroidery enjoys the highest repute for its exquisite skill.

In 1989, Ningbo embroidery folding screen A Hundred Cranes Facing the Sun won the highest craftwork prize, enshrined in China Art Gallery.