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Religious Culture

The religious culture in Cicheng enjoys a lasting and splendid history.

Cicheng Confucian Temple, standing for Confucian filiality and loyalty, is the best preserved Confucian temple in the eastern Zhejiang Province. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Confucian master Yang Jian studied with Legalist Lu Jiuyuan, and his doctrine impacted the later mentalism profoundly. After Chen Yizhi, famous scholar of Neo-Confucianism, moved to Cicheng, he left copious literature on Confucianism. The present-day Chen-Shi-Qing-Yu Hall is located at Cayuan Alleyway in Cicheng.

Founded in 239A.D., Puji Temple has a history of more than 1700 years. Although the temple was ruined, classic scriptures from the Tang Dynasty and stone carvings from the Five Dynasties are still extant today. The temple, remodeled from the mansion donated by Kan Ze, the prime minister of State Wu in the Three Kingdoms, is credited as “the prime temple in Southeastern China”. It is actually the first temple in Ningbo and the eastern Zhejiang Province. Miaoyin Buddist Temple in northwest Cicheng was founded during the reign of Daoguang in the Qing Dyansty. It is the largest female Buddhist temple in Ningbo. Qing Taoist Temple, founded in the Tang Dynasty, is the Taoist shrine is southeastern China.

The Christian church located inside of Cicheng was built by western missionaries. It is a holy shrine that summons Cicheng people’s faith.