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Merchant Culture

The druggists of Cicheng, the bankers of Pingyao, Shanxi and the salt dealers of Huizhou, Anhui were the three major local merchant leagues in China.

Cicheng was the base camp of traditional Chinese medicine in the Ming and the Qing Dynasty. Century-old drug stores such as Tongren Hall in Beijing, Feng Cunren Hall in Shanghai and Daren Hall in Tianjin were all founded by Cicheng druggists. The present manager Feng Gensheng of the reputed “South China Druggist King” Hu Qingyu Hall in Hangzhou is a Cicheng local.

Cicheng locals have played a significant role in “Ningbo merchants”. The founder of “Ningbo merchants” and once the assistant of Li Hongzhang— Yan Xinhong was a Cicheng local who founded the first factory in Zhejiang Province — Cixi Match Factory. Also, Qin Runqing the financial giant and banker in Shanghai, Zhou Yangshan the backbone element of “Ningbo merchants” and Ying Changqi the famous businessman in Taiwan are all Cicheng entrepreneurs.